This series of tableware is specifically designed with a ‘normal’ portion in mind. It contains of a plate, pasta bowl and four types of bowls. It is all made of stoneware for its durability and ability to stack safely. The ceramics are dishwasher safe and suitable to use in the microwave and oven. Perfect to serve your meal that stays longer hot. Enjoy dinner more mindful this time!

Collection inspired by Pink Lake , WA.

This series of tableware is designed to be durable, (multi)functional and each part of the process is done by hand in my studio in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Pink Lake collection

This lake is located near the mouth of Hutt river in Port Gregory. A fascinating landscape in color that has been created by nature with algae, salt clay and vegetation. It changes over time and different circumstances.

Based on my impression of Pink Lake, I created this collection during my stay in WA last year.

Recently, I’ve developed this collection again in the Netherlands. This series of glazes are now available in the colour bright pink, soft pink and peach. Be aware that the colors can be slightly different from the collection I developed in WA.

Shark Bay Collection

Based on my impression of Shark Bay and inspired by various aerial photographs of this magical place, I developed this glaze color. It is a shiny glaze which has soft blue en grey hues.

Soon, I’d love to develop a glaze in terra with a matte finish. Follow this process on my Instagram.

Dutch Beach Collection

No different from my previous collection, what was inspired by the colorful landscape of Western Australia, I created this collection based on another nature reserve, close to home this time. Inspired by the North Sea coast, I developed glazes and selected two for this collection, named ‘Sand’ and ‘Dune Grass’.